Saturday, September 20, 2014

Priest and two dreadnought Ultramarines to complete my 2nd compagny
The painting level is ok according a table top principles.
I didn't make any peculiar effort I just wanted to finish this compagny. 
 The first dreanought from the dark vengeance starter box
 The dreadnought Ironclad in the classic confirguration. I didn't find the best method to higlight my mini. For sure it's a dry brush but I didn't obtain a good balance between to much and not enought.
 The priest from the limited headquarter box. This mini is fantastic however GW force to bought a large box with others mini's to get it. it's an 100% marketing approach it's a shame.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ultramarine 2nd compagny details for Sicarius according space marine codex

The squad command with a free hand
The tactical squad 01

Assaut squad 07
 Assaut squad 08
 The devastator squad 09

 The devastator squad 10
 The tactical squad 02

 The tactical squad 03
  The tactical squad 04
  The tactical squad 05
 The tactical squad 06
 The squad command again
 Squand command shorter view
 Assaut squad 07
 Assaut squad 08
 HQ rhino top view
 HD Rihno other view

Ultramarine Sicarius reference sheet

I would like to show my reference sheet for this compagny.
The compagny presentation come from to the 2008 ultramarine codex soft cover. Nevertheless you could find also the same compagny composition in the Ultramarine 2012 codex hard cover. The presentation more less the same.

As you can 3 things is missing in my compagny the dreadnought and the space marine chapelain. I'm thinking if i will do it or not.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Space Marines Utramarines : 2nd compagny

It's time to come back with a new project.
The Space Marine Ultramarines 2nd compagny. This project have been requested 2.5 years, but not at full time.
It's far away than my best painting skill however I think it's a nice table top level.
In the present case just for the 2nd compagny presentation with the basics.

So to complete my stock I have bought some boxes in june 2012. I would like to acheive this project without any stock issues.
My order was done just before the annual increase. As you can see 2 Blood Angels boxes also for orthers reasons.

And today this hard and long project was done, I'm so happy.

 This is the 2nd compagny Utramarine for the Sicarius captain

 Side wiew

 Upper view
 Back and upper view
 Close view to the tactical squad 4

 Close view to the tactical squad 6
 Close view for devastator

 Frontal overview compagny

Monday, December 13, 2010

Space Marine Millenium Vs Black Eldar

This is and old project born in 2000. This is my first diorama based on megablock structure cheaper than lego. This was fun to make it but very long for my short experiance. This current diorama show a short story :
The Black eldar surprise attack have been well started, the first space marine is on the floor and lost the right hand. However the captain with a plasma gun is prompt to react. The second Edar is close to the wall ready to jump and crush the captain. From the top in  the tower a other space marine  survey with an heavy bolter. But and other Black Eldar get an heavy weapon too. How will win ?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Space Hulk Round 7 to final 1 Video

Please enjoy watching this last video about Space Hulk the artefact senario

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Space Hulk the Artefact Round 7 to final

The Alfa is close to get the artefact.

The sergent cannot resist any longer 

and finaly dead

The terminator can see the escape,

The terminator tactics running well.
ther artefact is safe.

The tyranids running as fury.

It's terminator acheivement but the squad cost is heavy

The end

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Space Hulk the Artefact Round 4 to 6

Pleae enjoy watching this new video about the space hulk senario the artefact round 4 to 6.

Space Hulk the Artefact Round 5&6

The corridor escape is free, to save the Artefact the terminator runing ...but there are slow
 Calistarius stay alone, it's a clear sacrifice
 The sergent stay and prepare an ambush
The Afa kill the last two terminators but the velocity is reduce due to injuries.
Calistarius is dead and now the sergent launch an ultimate fight to block the corridor and gains time.

In the round 6, the sergent kill many trynanids he is in good position but not for long

Space Hulk the Artefact Round 4

The tyranids enter in the room and cruch the termninator.
The escap still block, calistarius maitain the position, the corridor fight is more in favor for the terminator.

Get the map center